Certainly you heard a story which happened in ancient Rome. The Rome emperor Caligula appoints his horse Incitatus for a member of a Roman senate.

If you didn’t hear about Incitatus, it could be next point in our discussion. Nowadays there were a few cases that animals get an inheritance.

Do you know something about it? Do you think that the transferring property to animals is a national or international phenomenon?

I don’t know why cats are the most popular animals which gets money and other property in legacy.

For example I publish list of a famous cats heirs:


I found only one case when dog care into money. The "Queen of mean " it is a nickname of **Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley**. She was a American billionaire who, in last will, bequeath her dog Trouble 12 millions $ in trust fund. More about it is on this internet page ------> http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2007/aug/31/animalwelfare.world

A North Carolina cat lover leaves his entire estate to local feline charities that look after cats.

Latest news!

A cat has been recently summoned for a jury service in the US.

You can read the story on Yahoo! News