7. Corruption in Football

Match fixing. Do you know what it is? Have you ever heard about it ? If you don’t you can read an explanation given at Match fixing. It’s a very bad crime. Unfortunately, this solution is becoming more and more popular every year. Different sources show that more and more teams pay for their results. This worries not only members of Football Associations but also professional players who have ambitions for winning titles and fans who want to watch fair competitions. Football Associations and The Central Anticorruption Bureau started fighting against corruption.
Many players, referees and observers were interrogated. Each of them was sentenced.

In this century we had many football scandals like:

Polish football has its own corruption scandal. Some information connected with it are included in an article placed on thenews.pl Football corruption scandal continues
Main character of this procedure was Ryszard Forbrich alias Fryzjer (eng. barber).
The Godfather of corruption in Poland.
The Godfather of corruption in Poland.
At first he was a hairdresser in prison in Wronki but then he had his own barber's hop. Few years later he contributed to the creation of a football club named Amica Wronki. Forbrich was also a member of the Polish Football Association which is governing body of football in Poland. Many newspapers wrote about him like about a magician because his team has been promoted to first Polish league from the sixth position in only 4 seasons. Many referees were under his control. Each of them was sentenced.

An effect of this illegal procedure in Poland is for example resignation submitted by Kolporter company of sponsoring Korona Kielce. No company wants to be connected with illegal proceedings. Football team can’t work without financial support. Other teams also had problems with their sponsors.
Business kicked out from Polish football

What do you think about match fixing? Are you for or against it? Does it have to exist in the football world?