Welcome to our DURALEX Wiki!

It has been specially designed for Polish and Russian students of Law.

Polish students from Kozminski University in Warsaw and

Russian students from Saratov State Law Academy

will create and develop this WIKI as a joint project.

The Project is coordinated by dr Elena Vyushkina from Saratov State Law Academy and dr Aleksandra Łuczak from Kozminski University.

Here is a list of topics for discussion suggested by the Polish team:

1. Death Penalty;
2. Poverty in Africa;
3. Legalising Drugs;
4. Corruption in Football;
5. Terrorism;
6. Breaking the Law by MPs;
7. Transferring Property to Animals (is ready for discussion in point 8 on the left);
8. International Law.


Jan 2011: The article describing our DURALEX WIKI Project written by dr Aleksandra Łuczak from Kozminski University has been awarded the third place in the competition organised by a Polish magazine for foreign languages teachers "Języki Obce w Szkole" and can be read here:

Presentation for the 5th International Scientific and Methodological Conference on "Information and Communication Technologies in Linguistics, ELT and Crosscultural communication" at Lomonosov Moscow State University on 7-9 June 2012