Elevator Pitch (or elevator speech) is a short (30 seconds to 2 minutes) presentation of a product, company or yourself. As the name suggests it should be as short and dynamic as it takes to get on an elevator from the ground floor to the seventh floor.Imagine entering the elevator with somebody you would like to impress: an potential investor who might provide some seed money for your new business ides or the employer who might give you the job of your dreams. You have the maximum of two minutes to win the person!

In an elevator pitch prepared for a job interview you might want to say who you are, what you do, how you are different from the rest of applicants for the position and why it is you who should be employed.

Some people think an elevator pitch that has been carefully prepared and rehearsed is artificial and not really impressive. They rather suggest going for a personal story that will be memorable, will present you in the context and will show what kind of person you are.

Over to you!

Create your own elevator pitch with the help of www.fotobabble.com.Watch the tutorial below (or on You Tube) and get down to work.