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The Kozminski Law School at the Kozminski University offers an exceptional educational product. Graduates are well prepared to undertake law application and perform standard law professions. Moreover, they can successfully work as legal advisers, consultants and experts in the field of economy in both Polish and international environment.

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Course program is enriched with lectures on economy, management, accounting, public relations and specializations on European and Polish economic and financial laws. This is why, in relation to those lectures, after graduating from KOZMINSKI UNIVERSITY lawyers, from the beginning will be business and financial partners, that will be aware of economic processes. Law graduates will be acquainted with business strategies and business games theories.

In order to prepare our graduates in taking an application, on the V year of studies we offer court specialization. Through all years of studies all exercises from specific branches of law (for example civil law, criminal law, administrative law), and some lectures (for example obligation law, partnership law, trade law) are held by professors that are working in science and law practices. Lectures are held in modern forms, that have been checked in law schools all over the World. They are held in the way of simulations of court cases, clinics of deeds, simulations on starting partnerships and in classical way of solving cases.

Associate Professor Dr. Jolanta Jabłońska Bońca Rector of Law Faculty

Official Site of Students Law Assocation

We offer the following specializations:
  • judical specialization
  • Polish an European buisness and financial law
  • UE and international law in english (or in polish)

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