Here you can view elevator pitches of Kozminski students:

1. Patrycja

2. KatM

Since the voice quality is not exactly perfect in the above elevator pitch, here is the transcript:
Probably I will begin self-presentation as many people do, however i think i'm special. I am studying two interesting faculties- law and management. Moreover for second one I have natural abilities and skills. This is due to my openness, hard work, patience, ease of making new contacts and creativity. Without much problem I can take a leadership role in the group, but I can be in a different role when it's appropriate. I would like to work in such a position that would allow me to connect my knowledge and skills. I believe that my positive attitude, knowledge, experience and hard work would bring company many benefits.

3. Iwo

4. Anonymous

5. Ola CE

Hello this is Aleksandra, an English teacher from Kozminski!